Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The thought of “The Wizard of OZ”

From humble beginnings to big –time film director John woo .John woo was born in Guangzhou, China, in 1946. His family immigrated to Hong kong when he was 5. Life there became difficult after Woo,s father came down with tuberculosis and couldn’t,t work . Woo was fascinated with films because of the influence they had on his childhood .
The movie is though by dream. It is a nice movie for student. The wizard of Oz is a story talk about a girl Dorothy’s adventure. Some day Dorothy went to the dream world in an accident. There are colorful and beautiful around her. Dorothy didn’t care any cause and effect and just want to get her dog back even run away from home. When Dorothy saving the scarecrow, the love is appear, too! At the first time scarecrow just like a stranger but Dorothy trade it like an old friend, she care it every where and time. Then they adventure together and meet the Titman. They all want to meet the wizard of Oz, ask him for a help
I have ever knew a movie be director by Chinese could be that well. He does a good job. I think the ending is the most important in this move, because the ending was tell us that life wasn’t just violence and despair, love may solve every problem